plastic mapping

many maps are made of plastic or paper laminated with plastic.  i want to create a map, but not a traditional map.  here are a few maps that i found made out of different types of plastic but their topics are irrelevant to the fact that they’re made out of plastic.  i want to create a plastic map that will map plastic.

i thought i’d post something fun today because the date is 11.1.11.  11.11.11 is coming up in 10 days.

made in china _ Amy Orr _

Mary Hayslip _ Birds

Denitsa V Spasova _ “Map Your Life”, 2008, detail. Screen-printed plexiglass, plastic cord, apporox. 3 x 4 ft.

this one is a bit obscure.  it’s a photograph of the paths of several plastic roomba vacuums moving about a room.  there is an entire category on that is dedicated to ‘roomba art’.

this may or may not be considered a map by some but i think it is applicable.  it could be viewed as an abstract representation of a map of Occupy Wall Street.  they have a facebook page if you’re interested…


the last map in this post, a map of plastic on paper, is particularly intriguing.  it was originally published in Fortune magazine in 1940 when plastic production was very new.  part of the text on the right side reads, “On this broad but synthetic continent of plastics, the countries march right out of the natural world – that wild area of firs and rubber plantations, upper left – into the illimitable world of the molecule. It’s a world boxed only by the cardinal points of the chemical compass – carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen.”

Synthetica _ originally published by Fortune magazine in 1940


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