blue cap project in Turkey

a classmate of mine told me about a program that exists in Turkey where people collect plastic bottle caps to give to a recycling organization.  this organization recycles the caps for their own use.  for every 5000 caps, a wheelchair is given to a disabled person in need.  it seems like they only collect blue caps.  i’m not sure why.  maybe there is an overabundance of blue caps in Turkey?


world consumption and waste

South East Asia – Philippines, 2008. Photo: Tamara Thoreson Pierce _ published a wonderful article that is the most comprehensive overview that i’ve found so far of the issues that i have been exploring.

given the amount of plastics that we use and then throw away, some claim that plastic waste is a larger threat threat to the earth than other environmental problems.  i don’t doubt that claim.  petroleum is a necessary resource for producing plastic and is also a key topic when discussing global warming.  some countries, manufacturers, and consumers are making an effort to curb oil consumption in automobiles but are they doing the same with other products that utilize oil during production?  maybe, but it doesn’t seem to me that the majority of our population realizes plastics are produced from petroleum and they should.  this short article explains some of these issues: