irresponsible dumping and finger pointing

this article which blames Trader Joe’s and Aldi for plastic waste in the oceans is sad.  it is highlighting one isolated awful incident.  it is unfortunate though that this article is faulting specific companies that are indirectly affiliated with the dumping of plastics.  Trader Joe’s and Aldi shouldn’t be let off the hook, but why bother pointing fingers at them when in reality the real problem is a societal disregard for the massive problems that plastics are creating in the oceans?  point fingers at the people and companies who actually did the dumping and hold them accountable.  even if Aldi never again uses the same irresponsible greenhouse company, that doesn’t meant that the greenhouse company wouldn’t continue to dump plastics into the oceans.  this problem will never be curbed unless people realize the consequences and are reprimanded for them instead of being scolded.


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